Must Have Items For Every Camping Trip

28 Aug

Very soon, we will be heading out to start our camping weekend.  It seems to me that when I search most “must have” lists for camping, they include gadgets that are really “nice-to-haves”.  So I’m going old school with a list from my backpacking days:

10. Duct Tape: It can be used to patch holes in a pinch, whether it is your tent, or you know, your skin.  I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.

9. Pocket Knife: Or some type of multi-tool.  At some point you’ll need a blade, a can opener, and maybe a fish-scaler.

8. Kindling:  Whether it is lint, cardboard, newspaper, oil-soaked cotton balls, etc; you should bring your own ignition source to the party.  You never know if you will arrive in the middle of a downpour, so starting out with a dry source is a good start.

7. Tarp (aka footprint): Don’t rest the bottom of your tent directly on the ground.  You need a buffer.  Purchase a footprint made specifically for your tent or make your own with cheaper alternatives such as tarps or plastic drop cloths.

6. Extra socks

5. Extra underwear

4. Rope and/or twine: Eventually you will need to tie something down (or up).  Download the knot app and learn which knots are appropriate for your needs.

3.Tin Foil: You can use it to cook food, you can use it to scour pots.  You can use it to make a funnel.  You can use it a to fix a battery connection.  Opt for the heavy duty kind.

2.Plastic baggies: Use them to store your stuff, seal up food, and even make your own omelets in boiling water.

1.Baking Soda: The unquestioned king of any camping pack.  It deodorizes, it cleans, it soothes bug bites and burns.  It can be used to combat grease fires or de-skunk your pet.  You can make toothpaste.  You can was dishes.  You can freshen up your mildewed gear or stinky boots.



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